Thursday, 31 October 2013

Back Finally

Hi all its been a while and my old URL/Website at Moonfruit has died a death unfortunately along with all my previous posts and reviews. Sad times.  So I have to start again with this blog on Blogger so please bear with while I get some products up and rebuild my page. I was on such a long hiatus as I had an operation at the end of May this year and I ended up with post operative infections and I was in bed for over three weeks. I finally recovered from that and then went on a family holiday and had things to do with the children over the holidays then they went back to school and I so far have caught everything they have had including a bout of Hand, Foot and Mouth. The joys of having an autoimmune disorder ! 

Anyway hopefully I can get back to some normally now as I am getting over tonsillitis I thought I better get started with a review of some new products from Freak Laboratory Cosmetics.  Please follow and enjoy. xx


Right it's been a long time but here goes. I recently found out about Freak Laboratory cosmetics whilst watching YouTube. It was one of Wild Kat Makeup's videos and she used one of their pigments in a Halloween tutorial and I just had to have it. The pigment was called Refract and so I looked up the name of the company and found their website Freak Laboratory It's quite a basic website at he moment and although it was fine to use I would prefer a little more description on the products. For example it says in one of the eyeshadow sections 'Blue, a brilliant sparkling blue' but nothing else. This is not a criticism just an observation as sometimes people prefer to know what the packaging looks like or at least a full image. Other than that its all easy to use and I am excited to buy more from this company. I do remember reading somewhere that they are a mother and daughter team but I cant find the article now (thanks Google!) so I may be wrong. The communication I have had thus far is from Katie. Down to the products I ordered. I received two items that I paid for and one free as the website at the moment is having order processing issues and I got all annoyed (embarrassed now) and emailed them and as an apology they sent me a free item so this is NOT a sponsored post but it has an extra item in it. I would of ordered the item on my next haul anyway but now I don't have to. First off the packaging is so cute little black boxes with their logo on them in a metallic finish .
Then we have the packaging that the items come in. The pigment in a very sweet pot and the eyeshadow in a screw lid flat pot and the lipstick in a nice matt black bullet.
Now on the website the colours for the eyeshadows are a good match the lipstick however was slightly different as on their website it looks very deep in colour and finish however its quite a satin finish. This is not a problem as I happen to love it but I was expecting something more matt. Again a brief description of the finish would be helpful on the site. I ordered 'Pennyroyal' and it has a nice satin finish and lasts pretty well . I wore it all day yesterday (as I did all three items to test them) and it had to be touched up twice after eating but that's all. It felt nice on the lips . Not overly balmy but not drying either if that makes sense. Now please excuse how I look in all the pictures as I am getting over Tonsillitis and my face is really puffy from antibiotics and a nasty migraine.
Swatch with one layer of lipstick and then built up as far as I could get it on the other upper swatch.
on the lips.
In the Bullet. The second item is the loose eyeshadow which looks like a pigment in its self anyway. I ordered it in 'Hartshorn' and its a lovely deep cranberry red very similar to Pomegranate Eye tattoos from Maybelline but with no sparkle. So if you liked that colour but did not want the glitter this is a great option. I in fact wore it all day yesterday over the Maybelline eye tattoo. It goes on very smoothly and lasted all day with no creasing or fading. I was wearing in on a base though so bear that in mind.
In the pot.
here is a swatch of the eyeshadow bottom just one swipe the upper several swipes built up.
here is just one wash of the eyeshadow no primer. Lastly the pigment the whole reason I went on their website in the first place. They have four pigments on the site at the moment and I would love them all but I am thrilled with this one. Its a beautiful Aurora Borealis type of finish . Their website says that it is 'evocative of fireworks and volcanoes' so I think they are very proud of it and they should be its gorgeous! my photos really don't do it justice if you want to see it on a decent camera check out Wild Kat's video on 'Hallowe'en Glamour'  Video here and see it in action.
In it's pot.
Swatched over the 'Hartshorn' Eyeshadow and on its own.

Over the 'Hartshorn' eyeshadow.

A closer view of Refract on its own. So pretty.

 As you can see they are fantastic items all mineral based and they did last very well . I was at the seaside yesterday in the wind and salt air and they were still looking good when I got home in the evening. I am told by Katie that they are still having order issues so if you would like to order anything then choose it off the website and then email her at and place the order direct and she can raise a Paypal invoice for you. The eyeshadow retails at £6.50 2g in a 5ml jar and it is quite alot packed into this jar. The Pigment is £5.50 and its 1g of product but as its pigment it wont be used in large quantities and looking at it I can see it lasting quite a while. The lipstick is £8.50 and is a standard size bullet I am afraid I don't know the gram as its not on the packaging. Do go check out their website and I will be buying and reviewing more from them soon.