Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Long Time No Post

Hello again,

It's been a while.  Well not ages and ages but really not good enough for a blogger or so called.

Anyway it was a long bout of hand, foot and mouth that the kids caught from school then a lovely vomit bug that the girls caught also from school that went around the house twice and several extended family and friends.  Just a little more than annoying.

Now I have still purchased items in this time and had a good try of them so can do some reviews on those.  Items from L'oreal, Soap and Glory and John Freida etc. etc .

I did try and get on the Soap and Glory Christmas special with the 'Yule Monty' but of course by the time I had the cash for it, it was out of stock online and in store everywhere! and I am not lucky enough to have the correct amount of followers or popularity yet to get a PR sample. Oh well! perhaps next year.

I consoled myself by ordering some separate Soap and Glory skincare and the Birthday Box they do so I could at least try 'Clean on Me' shower creme and the 'Peaches and Clean' that everyone raves about.  Will do a review. .....promise!

Now there is one thing I spotted last night that I am just a little bit excited about seeing.  On You Tube I saw this video L'Oreal new Mascara and was just a bit ohhhhhh!

It's not on the L'Oreal Paris UK site at all at the moment and not on Boots website or Superdrug's. So I am not sure when we will be getting it but the ad is in UK speaking narration so I assume this is the ad for us so if its out on You Tube we should be getting this soon...I hope? It's probably rubbish but I am a new product fiend! Looking at Google it seems to be out in Europe and although my French is not bad I cant read German or Norwegian so I cant really see what people are thinking of it yet. Have you got it in the States ? or Canada yet? ..we always seem to get things last here.

For today I just ordered myself some MUA Gloss and one of the Luxe Lips from the new MUA Luxe Range.  So really looking forward to trying and yes reviewing those.

Once again sorry for the huge gap between posts and hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.  Winter illness allowing :P