Friday, 2 May 2014


Hi all, another review finally after ages off again. Honestly today is the first time this week I have had even a little time to do something other than child or house related. I really just dont get much time to update this blog as much as I would like.

Anyway two additions to the 'Maybelline Volum'Express' range one new one and one old one that does not seem to get much of a mention. Now normally I am NOT a fan of Maybelline mascaras. I did not like 'Great Lash' and I loathe the 'Falsies' range as just grrr I hate it! (SORRY about that the whole of the internet I just didn't like it) . But mascara is quite an individual thing. What does not work for me clearly does for almost everyone else (the Falsies) and what I like may not work for you. I have run out and tried a mascara that makes my friends lashes look great but makes mine look rubbish and spidery. I do believe lash length and thickness naturally do make a huge, huge difference in how a mascara works for you.

So here are the two I am looking at today after testing them both out for two weeks. They are nice and colourful so you can find them easy in your make up bag I guess. Maybelline mascaras do seem to have very colourful packaging. I would of bought both in waterproof formulas as I prefer it because it holds your curl more and of course its waterproof so if you have very leaky eyes like me this is essential. However One By One did not seem to come in waterproof but I did really want to try it so I got it anyway. First up The Colossal GO EXTREME Volum'Express Waterproof:-
This is an update on the normal 'The Colossal' mascara they do. This one has a knobbly wand and from the ad's I believe this is to help bring the mascara down onto the brush when you pull it out of the tube. The brush is a bristle one and yes it is large but it is easy to use and apply the mascara with. It claims to give 9x more volume and it does give volume and alot of it.   I cant tell to be honest if it's 9x more.

Before mascara:- (I have no other make up on today as my skin has just broken out pre the monthly visit so apologies)
It says that it removes with normal water and soap. I don't tend to use soap on my eyes (ouch) but normal oil based eye make up remover does the job fine.

After application:-
This is two coats ( it recommends that you do NOT let the mascara dry between coats ) all photos will be two coats as I just don't see why you would buy a volumising mascara or in fact any mascara and then just apply one coat. I would normally do three coats but two I think is fair for the purpose of demonstration.

The formula is quite thick as you would expect especially from a waterproof mascara. But is is a little messy. This is one of those mascaras where your tube gets all messy especially around the neck so be warned.  It can also get a little clumpy if you dont work really fast in application.  I normally do one coat each eye the go back for the 2nd but with this you need to do one eye at a time or when you go back in to do the 2nd coat it will clump.

I do like this mascara but its not going to be an HG mascara but I think if I could not get my favourites and I needed a new one I would re purchase this .

 The ONE BY ONE Volum'Express Mascara
This is a plastic wand which is larger/fatter in the middle. It is a decent brush and does separate the lashes well but it is a bit spiky and the formula is thin so this results in you poking your tightline which is annoying.

 Before Mascara :-
This mascara claims to 'lift lashes to new heights' and although it does separate and volumise well it does not unfortunately hold a curl well . At least not on me. I think it is because the formula is quite thin. I think if this was in a waterproof formula it would hold up the lashes better in my opinion.

After application:-
As you can see it gives a nice finish. But after an hour or so my lashes droop. I am not sure I would re purchase this one.  Neither of these mascaras flake badly which is good and they are well priced at £7.19 for the Colossal and £8.49 for the One By One. 

The wands together to give you an idea of sizes :-  One by One left Colossal Right.
As you can see though from both after pictures my lashes curl up a bit with the Colossal whilst with the One By One they just point straight up so not much curl there.   I also tried both these mascara's after curling my lashes and the same result happened.  The Colossal held the curl the One By One did not.

I am not comparing these mascaras in a v's manner as they do claim to do different things I just happen to be reviewing them at the same time.   But I do feel curl and curl hold is important in a mascara so that I will compare .  Especially as the One By One claims to give you curl and the Colossal does not.  Again I do think this has quite alot to do with waterproof formulas.  As they do seem to hold curl better.

I will still be going back to my favourite mascara of the moment though which is my L'Oreal Double Extension.  Which claims to be just a lengthening mascara but it gives lots of volume too.  I prefer the waterproof version of this one too but I literally just threw the empty tube out yesterday so here is a picture of the Serum, version of the same mascara.

I love the wands on this mascara they can get right in to the corners well as its tapered and the formula is thick straight away not after several uses so it holds the lashes really well and I feel the wand grips the lashes well too.

With two coats:-

(the smudge under my eye is the previous mascara removed sorry )

I just love this one.  It does cost more at £11.29 and if you do check it out I would recommend the waterproof one more.  But this serum one is good too. 

What do you think? have you tried any of these mascaras? Follow and comment below :) xx Instagram

Monday, 14 April 2014


Hi all, 

I am a little disappointed.  I really, really wanted to love this palette.

I mean what's not to love a full palette of mattes from a brand known for great pigmentation. I was excited to try this.  I had wanted to try Sleek palettes for ages. I had decided on the Bad Girl palette but then I saw this and decided to go for this one first instead.

Now don't get me wrong I think the brand is great and I do think the pigmentation is good and yes I expect fall out as you do with mineral eyeshadows and Sleek in general. 

I have tried to use this on several occasions and the problem I have with it is, it just wont blend!. I mean you can smear them and move them around but you just cant get the shadows to blend properly. I am not a novice with dark and or matte shadows or eyeshadows in general.  When I was a teen for example I did channel the Goth look and matte black and matte dark purple eyeshadow were some of my staples.  I knew how to blend them.  You can see from the picture that even with no flash the colours look strong and bright so I was keen to try.

Lets show you the colour swatches.

From the bottom up the first row of colours are called. 1. Orbit, 2. Ink, 3. Highness, 4. Noir
5.Dune, 6. Pillow Talk (please excuse my bad psoriasis skin in these pictures having a bad month of it atm) Now I swatched these over a primer an elf basic one.
As you can see they do have a decent colour but the top row in this palette I feel is a little patchy and the off white colour called 'pillow talk' is so chalky you may as well use chalk.

The second row.

The second row colours from the bottom up are 1. Thunder, 2. Maple, 3. Flesh, 4. Paper bag, 5. Villan, 6. Fern.  Now you can see from this that the 2nd row are better in pay off and formula.  It's also smoother in application.  'Paper Bag', 'Villan' and 'Fern' being the best.

That is all very well and good but my main problem with the palette is its stiffness.  They are such annoying shadows to blend.

Here is a picture of those three smoothest colours blended.

Now I sat there with a blending brush and blended this alot and also applied quite a bit of pressure but you can still see harsh lines in the formula.  When this is on the lids on a smaller area it is just as bad as you get that horrible effect where your crease fades out from all the attempts at blending but the colour above and below is still strong and has harsh lines.  It's not a pretty look and can end up making your eyes look muddy.

I do think this palette has its place as I said I am not a novice with eyeshadows so I think I will find some uses for it .  Perhaps if I need to pack an intense colour on the main part of the lid which will not require as much blending.  The Dune colour also works OK as an eyebrow highlight to a smoky eye.

I am just a bit dissapointed overall as I have almost only heard good things about the Sleek Palettes and I had waited ages to get one of these.  Perhaps the Matte V1 is better?

I will still buy the Bad Girl palette as I am hopeful that the formula in them is a little better than this one.  Have any of you tried this? what did you think? which ones would you recommend? The palettes are available at the Sleek website and some Superdrugs.

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Hi all,

Yes I know on twitter I promised Monday for my new post but its school holidays and I have children and well you know..

OK I did get quite a few things on my break away last week and I will show them all but I thought I would probably overwhelm myself if I did a post with everything in it at once not to mention it would probabaly take me all day what with the kids being home and all so I thought I would do a few at a time.

These are some of my favourites.

First up a totally random find and I am so glad I did find it and that is the Bourjois Deodorant Extreme Protection 72 Hours. 

Now I found this in a 'Family Store' shop which is like a discount store that does really random things from cans of food to house plants and yes some hair and skin products too.  I do vaguely remember seeing Bourjois deodorants in France in a Carrefour Supermarket of which there are loads in France.  I also am pretty sure in France and probably other European countries Bourjois does extend it's product line into some skin care and other toiletries rather than just make up.  We have a few examples in the UK too I had just never seen this.

I paid £2.50 for this and I just hope when I go back the shop will have more as I will stock up as these discount shops usually only get one stock of something like this and once it's gone it's gone.
The product itself is hands down the best spray deodorant I have ever used! and I have tried loads.  Including the usual suspects and also all the extra strong ones like Mitchum and the other 72 hour super strength ones available now days.  It is alcohol and paraben free and has a really fine and even spray. Almost as fine as the mist you get when you spray an Elnett hairspray. It also claims to be a waterproof formula. I have not been swimming with it but I would assume the waterproof part refers to its ability to keep you dry.

The scent is a slight powdery floral not my favourite of smells but I don't care as the product is so blooming amazing! Normally with deodorants you end up getting a little damp after a few hours with normal ones or the next day with stronger ones.  But this ...dampness nope! NONE AT ALL
I have no idea what the formula is to be able to pull this off but it just works.  I honestly don't get damp at all with this (sorry to be gross) but if you can get your hands on this try it , just get it.

There was also a 48hour one on the shelf and a sensitive formula as well and if they are there when I go I will get them as well to try.  I have had a look on google and some pharmacies online say they sell it but its out of stock at the moment and it was available on amazon UK as well but again out of stock at the moment.  Ebay seem to have a few so do check it out.  However ebay sellers want between £4.00 and £6.50 for a can..naughty!  if you know of a Family Stores near you go see if they have some in store.   I do hope its still there when I go back.

Next up Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.

I did not think I would find one to change my mind about Superdrug's B range micellar water but this one has for a few reasons.  Firstly the cost and size it's £3.33 at the moment at Boots (normal price £4.99) and its a really generous 400ml size.  I have seen on blogs its shape and size is more akin to the Bioderma one and looking at the pictures I can see what they mean.  It says on the bottle you can get 200 uses based on 2ml per cotton pad so we will see about that one but so far its lasting really well.  The Superdrug B water which I do love its only 150 ml and its normal price is £4.99 (although to be fair its on offer at the moment) but still 150ml or 400ml? I do love the Loreal one as well and because it was on offer all the time I was on my 6th bottle of it when I found out about this one.  I am happy I did as out of all of them it does seem the most gentle.  It does not make your face feel sticky and again did I mention its huge!.  It does seem very effective with my waterproof mascara as well.  Not as good as the dual phase Garnier make up remover but still very good for the price and type of cleanser.  I also burnt my face (I know I am an idiot) on our holiday and this is not making it feel more sore or look worse so thumbs up.  Do check it out.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balm

I love this and I wish while I was away I had got more.  It is also on 3 for 2 at Boots at the moment priced £5.99 .  Now I only picked it up initially as I wanted another one of their fantastic Salon Pro Polishes ( fyi the colour I am wearing in the photos is Jazz Funk from the Kate range but it does not seem to be on the Boots site atm) so I picked this up as my 3rd item and its fantastic.  For once a balm stain that actually truly stains.  Now upon application it does take a little working in i.e you need to warm the product up a little.  Once you do it goes on smooth and stays.  It does not bleed it does not slip either.  Once you eat a meal or something it remains on the lip as a lovely stain and pretty true to the colour as well. 

The colour I have is called '220 Rumour Has It' and it is a lovely reddish pink so pretty.
I feels comfortable on the lips, is non drying and has a lovely sheen to it. It has a kind of Vanilla cream smell to it which is quite nice and very different from the Revlon ones.

I would love to get more of these especially 'Keep Mauving' and 'Not An Illusion'.  The only colours the range does not yet have is a really orange toned one.  But hopefully they will bring one out soon. Do check these out if you have not done so already.

Lastly:-  La Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Crème

Now I am not going to put this on my face and take a photo for purposes of demonstration as my face is still a bit burnt and I actually cant put anything on it bar a little moisturiser at the moment but before my face was burnt this was working fine and I shall demonstrate with the back of my hand.  Sorry.  Just incase you were wondering no I was not wearing this when I got burned as of course it has an SPF of 30 and well I could of done with that at the time.

Now I first heard about this I think on a Lisa Eldridge YouTube video when she was talking about CC creams and she had a blog post on several of them as well.  I did want the Bourjois CC creme that everyone is raving about at the moment including Lisa Eldridge . Anyway I saw it on offer online but was pretty miffed when my bank account screamed at me to not spend anymore and so I held off.  Then when I was away I went to buy the Bourjois one but alas it was sold out so I remembered this and yay it was on offer! I got it for £10.33 instead of the normal £15.99 and this was at Boots.  (I did need to stock up on my Effaclar Duo too. But out of all the products it was not on offer ...weird) .

Now you can see when you first pump some out it does look a little orange toned.  I am very pale and was worried at first. But when you blend it out it becomes a more peachy tone and it does adapt quite well.  It gives a slight dewy finish and lasts well.  I did powder my t zone but that was because it was quite a warm day.  Honestly my skin at the moment hasn't got a clue what it wants to do it' has been oily and then combination and since I came back last Friday it has been dry as the Sahara desert ...I don't know. :(  I have all the wrong moisturisers for dry skin at home now very annoying.

Anyway It has an SPF of 30 which is good for summer and although SPF in products can trigger my Perioral Dermatitis it's worth it to not be burnt again .  It also claims to unify and correct all types of redness.  It does this OK.  I do have some flat psoriasis on my cheek and it did show through a little after it settled on my face.  But that's nothing a little concealer cant handle.  The smell I am OK with it its a slight sea mineral scent with a chemical-ish twinge.  Think the Sea Mineral Shower on Body Moisturiser by Nivea and you have pretty much got it.

Here is a shot of my hand after rubbing it in and you can see it does unify and give a nice even look to the skin.  It does not look orange once melted in either.  I will still buy the Bourjois one to compare these two but for £10.99 on offer at the moment and the Bourjois one is £9.99 anyway I would give this a go if you suffer from redness.  La Roche-Posay are a quality brand and I do hope to try more of their products soon.  I also like their Micellar water and of course the Effaclar Duo and really want to try the Effaclar Duo+ that has come out now. As I do end up with marks that seem to last forever after a spot has gone.

Well that's it for my first set of goodies and I have some more to post on diet and food soon so watch this space and thanks for being patient as I have alot to do in life other than this blog.

What do you think of the above products subscribe and let me know :)


Thursday, 20 March 2014

Thursday, 6 March 2014


Since it's world book day and 1000's of children including mine are in school today discussing and finding out about the value of books in our lives I thought I would add my 2 pennies to the discussion and share some of the books that have stuck with me ever since I read them and why. Also why I think they should be read and remembered.

My husband and I have alot of books they are everywhere so I am sure I have missed one or two and will kick myself later but I fudged out some of the 'real special to me ones'.

Brightness Falls From The Air & The Misenchanted Sword.

Now I put these two together as I read them first at about the same time/age and they really stuck with me.   Brightness Falls From The Air is described on this edition as 'An extraordinary Experience' and it's not wrong.  Reading this book is quite an experience.  It's a Sci Fi book in basic terms but don't let that put you off.  This book has some of the best character descriptions in a book ever! (imo).  It's set on a planet where years before a star exploded and destroyed almost all of a race of aliens and three humans two men and a woman a (one man and woman are a couple the other is a sex starved doctor) are waiting for a group of very unusual guests to turn up so they can view the last rising of a manmade nova.  Now at first you get all the guests arriving and all these different characters thrown at you . Including a group of porn stars..yes porn stars its really weird. I could list every character and why they were there but I would be typing for weeks as there is so much going on. It turns out to be a murder mystery wrapped in a sci fi novel with this stars nova going on all at the same time.  There is a stand off in it and a big show down .  Some would say this book is a bit melodramatic and silly but it really stood out to me and really shocked me at the time especially the fight shall I call it, at the! Fan's of Tiptree seem to be split down the middle regarding this book and while I agree it's probably not her best in terms of writing (I would say stories from The Starry Rift are better in that department) this is still my favourite and I think often overlooked book of hers.  I say hers as James Tiptree was her pseudonym she was really Alice Bradley Sheldon and kept the knowledge that she was a female writer quiet for alot of her career as people bought more books from male authors especially in the Sci Fi genre. She was a troubled character and when she was 71 she took her husbands life (he was unwell and almost blind) and then took her own life when they were found they were both lying hand in hand.  Now according to Wiki The James Tiptree, Jr. Award is given in her honour each year for a work of science fiction or fantasy that expands or explores our understanding of gender.

Next is The Misenchanted Sword and it is probably one of my top 5 favourite books of all time. It wont win any outstanding books of the century awards but I don't care as the story spoke to me and I love it.  It's just the way the main character is in the book he does not want to be a hero at all he just wants to mind his own business and get on with his life.  It starts with Valder who was a scout and is being pursued by the enemy (one of them a sorcerer) and has been for some nights and days when he stumbles into a marsh .  When he notices a dry area he sees a small hut and a man and calls out to him they meet and Valder explains he was separated from his unit and could he have some assistance. The old man takes him into his hut . There Valder realises that the old man is a wizard .  All is OK until the old man realises that Valder has lead the enemy to them and looses his temper as he was living in the marsh to avoid being involved in the war that is going on. In the panic at the enemy getting closer the wizard flicks through some of his old books and randomly picks out a spell to try and protect them and fools the enemy into thinking that he and Valder are dead.  Then before Valder leaves the wizard enchants his sword for him to give him a hand in escaping further. Valder is not really sure what the spell is until later when he draws his sword and finds that it cant be re sheathed until it has killed... It also gives its wielder incredible sword skills so that it never misses a kill.  However there is a catch, the spell will last until 100 enemy lives are taken at which point the sword will turn on its owner and slay him in turn. Now that is the basic premise of the story.  But as it goes on you find Valder who really just wants to get rid of this sword gets turned into an assassin for his side in the war and forced into it and by this he is using up his kills and getting closer to the end of the spell where the sword will kill him.  What ensues is a fantastic and funny story of his misfortunes and adventures. You feel for him he does not want to kil,l he hates it, he tries to get rid of the sword but he cant as even when he tries to loose it, it finds him. Near the end he retires and buys an inn and has a chance encounter with the wizard once again...and then there is a small but rather funny twist.

I just loved this story and indeed most of the stories by Lawrence Watt Evans (his Basilisk stories are particularly good) it was one of those stories that just really stuck with me and I urge anyone to read this as its so enjoyable and such a change from the normal 'hero' we get in books.

I am always in debate with my husband over the qualities of this book. I think its genius he thinks meh.  It's classed as a fantasy but it is not in the conventional sense i.e there are no wizards no spells no monsters.  It's starts with the line that our main character ''Jeff Winston was on the phone with his wife when he died''.  Now he wakes up back in 1963 and he is 18 again. At first of course he thinks its a dream but as he starts to interact with people from his past he realises that its not and that is is really happening to him.  This keeps happening and going in loops as every time he reaches 1988 again he cannot prevent his death.   It happens every time and then every time he wakes up again in 1963 but this time later by a few hours and each time he completes a loop it jumps forward, days, weeks then decades closer to 1988 and his impending death from heart attack.  In one of his cycles he notices a film has been made which is a similar story to what has been happening to him and as he does not remember this movie in previous cycles he seeks out the writer and finds that she is going through the same thing as him and is 'replaying' her life over and over again.  They start a relationship but their replays start at different times so they try and send each other messages in papers and letters so find each other in time .  In one replay they even try and go public with what is happening to them.. I cant say more without totally ruining it. But the novel asks you to question what would I do in this situation? would I try and make money? he does in one life. He of course uses his knowledge of the future to bet on things and buy stocks . He becomes a total jerk for alot of his replays , he tries to be a good husband in one he tries to find out why this is happening to him in another.. what would you do? again this is something I urge every one to have a read of and decide for themselves. It is in the top 100 modern day fantasy books to read list and it is well deserved.  If you liked The Time Travellers Wife or found Groundhog day intriguing then do check this out...remember it came first.  The author Ken Grimwood was writing a sequel to this book when ironically he died of a heart attack.

Heart Of Shadows

A merchant finds an unusual stone shaped like a heart and takes it home...then asks his son to get it valued this is where the trouble starts and it brings them nothing but trouble and death.  The stone is also being pursued by a hideous inhuman creature called Skalatin and he wont stop until he gets it.  Sound familiar? yea it does have similarites with that ring and that Gollum but personally I found Skalatin to be Gollum times 100 he is just vile! the detail that the author puts in about him when at one point he captures the heroine in the story Meglan is just brilliant as you really feel tense as to what will happen next.  Its such a good story it has so many things going on but you don't get bored even with the parts where they discuss the food these parts of the book make me hungry. They describe Spicy lamb on a bed of semolina, marinated chick pea sauce with wild parsley, flaked herb potatoes, olives then Juicy pink charcoaled prawns, squid in yellow bean sauce, oysters stewed in golden ale, crayfish with rose sauce and almond milk, and fragrant rice.  Tangy iced sherbets and fresh dates stuffed with soft cheese, then figs, pomegranates and oranges and elegant wines!  COME ON! let me eat it all now! that is right up my street!

Apart from that the two main hero's, I guess you would call them, in this are great.  The male teenager the son that was sent to value the Heart in the first place is a great character but the strength of the story lies with his sister Meglan the other teenager,  she puts up with/goes through so much! she retains her cool most of the time and is thoughtful and clever and above all very, very brave. Honestly this girl would have Xena for breakfast Katniss for lunch and still have room for Wonder Woman for dinner. The royalty tries to take advantage of her she becomes the main objective for the gross and evil Skalatin' to possess and generally has to put up with alot of chauvinism.  For example she arrives after a particularly stressful time to an inn as she needs to see a professor the clerk there 'Looked Meglan up and down, seeming to have difficulty in accepting what he saw before him. narrow lips twitched and affronted expression clouded the man's features.  'What did you say? ' I wish to speak to Professor Ractoban. Is he here? 'That is not possible' 'It is important I must' The clerk looked her insolently in the eye and said quietly, you are a woman'  Meglan stared him down, narrowing her eyes 'I am quite aware of that!' ''   Needless to say he regrets what he said to her there.  Honestly this is a fantastic adventure and well worth a read. It was one of those books that after reading it sticks with you for ages.

The Practice Effect

I wish, wish, wish, wish they would make this into a film! why have they not done this!? whoever 'they' are.  With today's abilities with SFX it would be a doddle and would make such an awesome movie a break from the boring rom coms and ultra violent drivel we seem to get so much of.  And while I know those other styles of films do have a place I would love to see a change and something really different made.  The story is about a physicist called Dennis Nuel , yep Dennis not a typical hero name. anyway he is sent to probe strange realms called anomaly worlds. Alternative universes where the lays of science are changed/different this is done via a "Zievatron" a machine that allows travel between these worlds.   He comes to a world which seems like ours but is have one really notable difference.  That is when objects are used in this world they don't wear out instead they change they improve...with what is known as 'The Practice Effect' .  I cant say too much without really ruining this one .  But needless to say its brilliant, it has a good sense of humour and there is a fantastic part in the book where they need to escape and so have to 'practice' items to make a vehicle to escape.  The love interest in it is very sweet Linorra and she calls him 'Dennizz'.  A really fun read which I do think would make for an interesting film adaptation. 

The Stars My Destination

This book (originally called Tiger, Tiger) it has been likened to a sic fi Count of Monte Cristo well this character starts off being a dull uneducated person who ends up being marooned in space on a ship for 170 days and has to survive. He still remains very passive and unresisting,and unassertive, to this until an apparent rescue ship passes him and deliberately ignores.  This finally triggers something in him and he becomes enraged and decides to exact revenge. He this is motivated to repair the ship but then gets captured by a cargo cult who tattoo a mask of a tiger on his face. He eventually escapes but is captured again and put in a jaunte-proof prison.  To find out what Jaunte means you will have to read the book.  He ends up going through many guises he becomes such a vile character.  He is selfish, violent, and bent on revenge. Its a different way of looking at a main character as you don't like him as such as he is so vile but you find yourself trying to sympathise with him sometimes...

He seeks out the captain of the ship that passed him by when he was marooned and kidnaps a telepath to enable him to interrogate the captain who he cant torture as she has had all her sensory nerves disabled so is immune.  There are many more twists and turns and I cant write about all of them without major plot spoilers but needless to say its an excellent read and again one that really did stick with me .  I was unable to read anything after this for quite a while as it does play on your mind and it sits at no 5 in the SF Masterworks collection so pretty near the top of the pile.

''Gully Foyle is my name 
And Terra is my nation 
Deep space is my dwelling place 
The stars my destination''

Inverted World
Now this was on a recommendation list on Amazon and I remembered that Christopher Priest wrote The Prestige which I thought was a great read and turned into quite a good film too.   I am glad I took the recommendation and read this . The book is put into 5 parts and the first, third and fifth parts are narrated by the main character Helward Mann and the second part follows Helward and the forth part is about Elizabeth Khan but in third person.  Helward lives in a city called 'Earth' this city is winched along very, very slowly on tracks that have to be taken up behind it and placed in front and it is always heading for the mysterious "optimum".  The people don't think they are on real earth and the city called Earth is itself very small.  The people live in the hope that rescue will come from the real earth one day.

Anyway Helward turns ''650 miles'' old and is sent to the guild of 'Future Surveyors' there are different types of guilds where the children are bought up to be different types of workers. Only men are allowed to work .  Women are bartered for in nearby villages where they have a need of supplies as the city does not seem to produce females.  Only men are allowed outside the city.  Helward is given a wife and she hates that he is not allowed to speak of the outside world as he knows it.  He leaves for a mission (which details I shan't say or I will spoil the story) when he returns he discovers that time moves differently outside and in the city of Earth years have passed.  His wife has given him up for dead and remarried.

He goes on another mission to 'Future Survey' for the tracks to go down and meets a woman called Elizabeth who says she came from England a few months ago. He gets excited thinking that the city of Earth will be rescued soon.  But she cant understand what he means as....... and I can't say anymore as I will totally ruin the story.  It does have a big twist at the end and is an excellent read.  Again I think this could make an excellent film.  After all his other novel has been made into one.  I hope they attempt this as well.

I cant put all my favourite books on here as the list will be massive and I am getting tired of typing and need new glasses.  The jist of this post was to put on books that impacted me and made me think in a diffident way.  Which these did.  I cant go however without mentioning Robert Heinlein books:-

I just put a few in this picture here but I have loads!.  I love almost all of them and he was an outstanding writer who really did, to sound clichéd, challenge the thinkings of his time .  One of my favourites of his (not pictured) is Farnham's Freehold which blew my mind a little when I first read it.  If you are going to have a first read of his books I recommend that one first just to give you an idea of what's in store if you read more.

I do read normal non fiction and autobiographies and the like but I do urge you even if you are not a sci fi fan to try some of the above and see what you are missing.  Common misconception that sci fi is just for nerds and geeks and that the stories are all the same is old fashioned and wrong.

What books changed the way you think? or impacted on you? Comment and please follow.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Hi all you lovely lot for following me...thank you !

Now I know there are 100's of reviews and first impression blog posts on these but I thought I would add my say so anyway .  I have wanted these ever since I first heard about them on various US Beauty Vlogs on YouTube .  Of course they have been out there for some time now but finally we have them..yay!... .

OK I went to the biggest Boots I could get to as I knew they were 1. On offer 2. Small Boots probably would not have the full shade range 3. They will sell out fast as they are new .  I was right as there were quite alot of colours missing from the range when I got there because ..of course the three reasons above.

I really wanted to get Shameless in the Matte Balm but that had sold out and I also had my eye on Sultry but again that had sold out. :'(

The offer was 3 for 2 so I decided that I would get two matte's and one lacquer. I got the Lacquer I wanted in 'Demure' and the other really wanted colour in Matte was 'Standout' and that seemed to be available in abundance which surprised me. So I got that, then I was in a rush, and it's school holidays and my kid's were waiting for me so I panicked and grabbed 'Showy' in the Matte as well.

OK so first up

A swatch of all three.  From the top 'Demure', 'Showy' and 'Standout'.

 Now on the lips:-


First of all the packaging,  I love it.  Let's not all pretend that packaging does not make us want something more as it DOES! I love the matte (obviously) feel and finish to the crayon very smart.

Standout is a blue based red so it does make your teeth appear whiter which is a bonus.  If you judged this product on the tube alone I would think it would be a brown based red.  I know Shiv from LetzMakeUp on YouTube said it was true to the colour on the tube but I do think personally that the tube is more a brown based.  But I guess its a matter of opinion.

The finish is ever so slightly demi-matte so there is a very slight sheen which after a few hours wear does completely matte out and yes you get a stain as well of the colour. They don't claim to be long wearing but I think the wear you get out of these is quite good.

The flash on the camera has brought more of a sheen out on the lips but I can assure you it matte's down completely quite fast.  They also have a slight mint scent and although some reviews have said you get a tingle on the lips I cant say personally that I felt it.

Lovely colour though and I think I would get good wear out of this.  I think most of the balm stain crayons have a mint scent to them.  I have some of the MUA ones (which are fantastic by the way) and they are  minty and some of the VIVO ones (again very good) and they are minty.  I have not tried the original Revlon Balm Stains but I see from all the reviews that they are minty too.

 Next is the colour that I panic bought as I did not see any others I wanted that were in stock.


Now this one really is true to the tube colour its a very Barbie pink what my mother would call a tarty colour. Now that's not a downside it's just a very in your face pink .

See really Barbie.  I am not entirely convinced it suits me but then to be fair I have not tried it on with a full face of make up as yet. It also went on a little patchy as some matte colours do.  Which surprised me as the red shade goes on so smoothly.  I also think that this one appears more matte on the lips.

It is a beautiful colour but I am a very, very pale person and so I am not sure this tone of pink will work that well on me.  I tried this colour on my daughter who has is darker skinned than me and has olive undertones in her skin and it suits her much more .  (before anyone starts having a go at me No, I would NOT let my child wear this in public at her young age I am just demonstrating the difference in skin tone) As you can see the impact and the brightness of the pink is lessened on her skin tone.

Now for the Lacquer Balm.  I have not read many positive reviews on these and I must say I think it is a shame.  As some of the paler colours look really pretty, and I am very happy with this one .


First of all I totally LOVE the chrome finish tubes I just love it! I love chrome though on nails, eyes, and well anything really.  So I am drawn to these.

The first time you apply the balm it does have a very slight gritty feel but with further applications I have not felt that again.  It probably is because the colour is shot with teeny, tiny glitter fragments in a peach and silver colour.  So first application must just have a higher concentration of them hence the gritty feel at first.

I really do love this colour as an everyday wear as its a kind of go with everything shade and looks really polished even with just base and mascara for when you are in a rush.  I would definitely get more of these .  This does not last as well as the matte colours but since its lovely to apply I and in a pale shade I don't mind just getting it out of my bag and popping some more on.  It's not a colour that requires precision application.

The darker matte balms though do require more precision and although they are fine at first with their pencil shaped tip if you have used a product like this before you will know they wear down to a stub shape which would make a sharp edge application impossible so you would perhaps have to move on to a lip brush for those after they wear down.

They are priced at the moment in Boots at £7.99 each and they are on a 3 for 2 offer.  That's $13.33 to you guys in the USA.  But I have seen them online at Target USA for $6.79 so I think you guys get them at a much better price than we do! as over here that would be £3.89! wow I wish they were that cheap here!! No wonder the Vloggers, and Bloggers over there manage to buy entire collections in one go!

All in all I would buy more of these I do still want the matte colours that were out of stock and I really want some more of the lacquer balms as I think they have had a bit of a bad wrap from reviews thus far .

Have you tried any of these shades? even the lacquers? what did you think? Please comment and follow. xxxx