Wednesday, 29 January 2014

SEVENTEEN Stay Time Foundation & SEVENTEEN Phwoarr Paint

Got these last week and so far I am enjoying using them.  I had seen some favourable reviews and I was looking for a full coverage foundation. I have NEVER tried Seventeen foundations in all the years I have been buying make up.  I am not sure I have bought much of anything from them .  The only item I can ever recall before these was a single eye shadow which was one of my favourite eye shadows ever and it was in a colour called Windswept and I don't believe they do it any more which is very annoying.

Anyway I do like these,

First the concealer.  Yes as others had said it is similar to Benefits Boi-ing and I think I prefer it as I found Boi-ing to crease a little under the eye.  Last few years I have not really favoured this type of concealer I have preferred the doe foot more liquid types as my skin was very dry and did not work well with this type. But since my operation last year I have had more oily/combination skin so I thought I would give it a try along with this full coverage foundation.

It is a cream solid and although it looks a little dark this is the fair colour.
On the skin it does look a little pink to me:-
but it blends well into my skin and seems to match well.  It is better warmed on the back of the hand a little first then patted in.  As if you try and sweep your fingers over it you can end up with it dragging.

I think for the price £5.49 its a good concealer (available online here Boots) it also comes with a little mirror which again for the price is pretty good I think .
Now the foundation. I was really unsure if I should of gone with the Soft Ivory or the Porcelain as the Ivory is more pink to neutral toned and the porcelain is just neutral to yellow . I ended up going with the Soft Ivory and it does blend with my skin just fine.
As you can see its very pale but does oxidise and darkens down a little. When you apply this you have to be lightening fast as it sets almost straight away.  So if you tried to use hands I think you would end up with streaks or it balling up. A sponge or brush are better.  I used a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush as its quite densely packed and seemed to be a good choice for blending in quickly.  It did work well.  Today for this review I put it on at 9 in the morning and took a photo (no filter) this afternoon at 2pm and here as you can see its worn a little around my nose (don't foundations always do this!) but the rest of the coverage seems to of held up and I only added a little powder to set.

It says its a 25 hour stay foundation .  Well I am not going to sleep in this as I would end up with a face of spots if I did but I think its a good last all day foundation and by all day I mean 8 - 10 hours.  You may need to powder your nose or touch up concealer around your nose if you are oily but I expect to do that anyway so I don't see that as being a bad thing regarding this foundation. This is  from Boots as well and costs £6.49 which is a TOTAL bargain as far as I am concerned for any foundation let alone one that works as well as this.  Also Seventeen is on 3 for 2 at the moment at Boots so an even better bargin and nothing feels better than that.

Have  you tried this? what did you think? please comment and subscribe :) xx

Friday, 24 January 2014

MUA LUXE 'Velvet Lips' liquid lipstick.

Another one from the very affordable and becoming more consistent MUA . This time from the LUXE range which has been out since the later part of last year. It's available in Superdrug and online here (MUA) at their flagship website.

The colour I have is called 'Reckless' and its priced at a very reasonable £3.00.

It is a lovely velvet red colour with pinky undertones although I agree in the tube it looks more of a blue based red once you take out the applicator though you can see the pink.  Despite the pinky undertones though I don't find it makes my teeth look yellow as some pinky ones can.

It comes with a very slim doe foot applicator :-

 I find the applicator quite adequate at applying the lipstick and it goes on very smooth.  Once it is on it DOES NOT MOVE it sets quite fast and goes to a demi matt finish .  I trial all 'long lasting' items on my hand first and leave them on for 24 hours or however long they last and this stayed on my hand and I washed my hands (obviously) quite a few times in 24 hours and did all the other mummy and household chores you would expect and it stayed there.  Naturally after washing my hands the soap ate away a little at it but lets face it if you wear this you are not going to sit there and scrub your lips with soap are you....are you? :p

I don't find it that drying even though its a long lasting colour.  It does not feel super moisturising but neither does it feel cakey.
Here it is without flash :-
and with flash :-
That's just one coat.  I would not recommend building it up too much as then the bottom layer dries and the top one then does not go on so smoothly.

After I took the pictures I went out and was out for about 4 hours including having a lunch out ( A roast dinner) and drink and here is the after shot :-
as you can see parts have worn off but considering I ate a roast dinner and drank coffee and had an ice cream (total pig I know!) I think it held up rather well.  For £3.00 you cant go wrong with these and I will be looking to get some more colours.

Have you tried them? what did you think? Please comment and follow :) x

Monday, 20 January 2014

Dupe for the Naked Palette (So I am told) W7 'IN THE BUFF'

SO I saw a review of this on LetzMakeup on YouTube and being a fan of W7 make up (I love these two items as well Blush & Shadow also their nail polishes are really good) ....I was very excited to hear about this palette.  I had not seen it on Amazon before so I am not sure how long they had it but if you go to LetzMakeup's page you can see her full review and a tutorial of the products on and also where you can buy from pharmacies in Ireland.   I have seen W7 in New Look before here and in The Original Factory Shop but mainly when I do its Nail Polish or perhaps a concealer.  Amazon seem to have the most of their stuff. Also W7 are sold here just type into search box 'W7' and the palette it's self is a lovely and cheap £4.80 In The Buff at .

It comes in a nice tin with one of those useless double ended cheap brush/spongetip thing's but for under a fiver I don't really care about that. I am happy to say the names of all the colours are on the back and accompanied by a small photo which for the price I think it fantastic as I was watching another beauty blogger on YouTube the other day and she had just bought a high end palette and was annoyed that the names were only on that plastic insert which you end up loosing and/or gets in the way. 
The colours themselves are very earth toned and rich in pigment and I was so surprised how little fallout you get, really almost none at all. There are also three matt colours in here.  It's said this is very like the Naked 1 on Letz's channel and on some of the comments I am seeing bloggers are saying NO it's more like the Naked 2 but either way its a whole lot cheaper and I am on a really low budget these days and much as I would love to own the Naked 3 (the only one I would consider buying anyway) I don't think I am going to be owning it any time soon.  This will do nicely though as its really excellent quality for the price.

I am really happy I managed to get this straight away as I think when word spreads it will be sold out on Amazon for a while.

I have taken a few swatches just to give you an idea (honestly LetzMakeup's video review is worth watching if you want to see all of them in detail)

That's just one swipe with four of the colours and thats with no primer or make up on under them.  They are really pigmented!.

Have you tried W7 before? I do really like what I have bought from them so far.  Especially this and their blushes which are kind of Benefit box blush dupes.  Let me know comment and please follow. :) x

Thursday, 16 January 2014


OK so when I heard about these coming out I was quite excited.  For the Baby Skin primer especially.

The primer was on offer and I ordered the foundation as soon as it was available and I have had a good try with both. I have read some other reviews and the primer has been likened to Benefits PORE-Fessional however its not tinted like Benefits primer and does not really 'fill in' pores.  As the bottle states its a 'instant pore eraser' I would say its a blurs pores and smooths the skin .  Its a silica based primer so it will have that slippy feeling on the skin.  I would say its more akin to Smashbox photo finish clear primer although not as good . 

As you can see its a clear gel like substance.  It goes on nicely and I would say it blurs OK but nothing dramatic.  I would say it offers more of a smooth base for make up than it does as a skin corrector.  I did take a before photo of me pre primer but it corrupted sorry.  But here is an after of my skin with nothing on only primer.
It seems to slightly matt the skin as well and I have had no trouble with foundation holding on to it but I would suggest using it sparingly. 

Now the foundation

Yes the foundation that is supposed to be in the lightest colour 'Ivory', well excuse me but does that look like 'Ivory' to you?
And that is a photo about 10 seconds after I popped it on my hand its not even had time to oxidise yet! how orange is that! .  When I first saw this I was not even sure I wanted to put it on my face but I did and this stuff is weird .  It's texture is very thick which is fine as I like a medium to full coverage but then its orange, so you freak out a bit then apply and then the orange disappears but unfortunately so does most of the colour and it sheers out to almost a light cover.  Honestly I have tried applying with hands, sponge and brush it does the same every time.  Yes it stayed on as it promises to as it is from the 'Superstay' range and the cover what there was of it held up but I have used the original Superstay and I honestly remember it having more of a cover it was in fact I remember quite a heavy duty foundation for a drug store brand.  This on the other hand is not.

Here is a picture of it on my face with the primer under it you can compare the difference with the above picture of my face if you can see one..
It's perhaps smoothed my colouring out a bit but really that's it I cant see that I am now flawless as it promises to make me (lets face it though are we ever?) .  The product also promises to give you 'better looking skin in 3 weeks' and that it is 'vitamin energising' how it manages this I am not sure but I cannot imagine it does any more than the goji berries claim to do in the Boujours Healthy Mix Serum does.  I do love that foundation though and at least that one covers.  Don't get me wrong I love Maybelline but I would honestly save your money and get the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation which I think is fantastic or even their Dream Satin Foundation another really good one.  I was really disappointed in this one to be honest.  

As for the primer yes I do like it and it will do for everyday use as I don't have the money to keep buying the Benefit one.  If you do want to try either they are both available online and in store at Boots priced at £7.99 for the primer and £8.99 for the foundation.  But honestly their Fit Me is much better.  Of course though as with all things this is just my opinion.

Have you tried this what did you think? comment and please follow. xx

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


I have bought quite a few Soap & Glory products over the last month or so.  Including some shower washes and make up.  I did not really see the need to review my 'Clean on Me' or 'Sugar Crush' shower creams as there are so many reviews on these and also the 'Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks' again so many reviews.

But skincare well there are not so many recent ones that I could see.  I have been using these for over a month now and I do like them so here is the review for the moisturiser and eye serum roll on.

First up 'You Won't Believe Your Eyes' It claims to be a 'Tired Eye Regenerating Serum' and it has something called Live Yeast Cell Derivative which is supossed to reduce puffiness.  I tend to get more puffy than dark so I was interested to try this out.  It also claims to blur, lift, firm, illuminate,cool and moisturise. Now for sure it moisturises.  It does not feel that cooling but I guess if you keep it in the fridge like I used to keep my beloved Molten Brown Eye Rescue then it will probably feel more cooling . 

As you can see its a three point rollerball applicator so you squeeze a little and I mean a little as it goes a very long way onto the balls and then apply.  I apply then roll a little with the applicator but you will need to pat/tap the rest of the product in to get it absorbed properly.

Hopefully you can see from this image that its a pinky toned serum which is slightly pearlescent as the general idea is to counteract the darkness with the pink and to illuminate with the pearlescent sheen it has. I do like it it does brighten a little and it does moisturise it is also one of the only eye serum/creams I have used that when I wake up I don't get a stiff or mask like feeling over and around my eyes with. So that's a plus on its own to be honest as I hate it when that happens.

next up the moisturiser .  'For Daily Youth'

In it's cute toothpaste like tube .  I really like the packaging some may not as I know pumps are favoured today as its more hygienic.  But generally I don't try and put moisturiser on with dirty hands to I don't worry too much about such things.  Its more a lotion than a cream and its quite light.   It claims to be a 6-in-1 ‘do it all’ formulation. So it is supposed to maximise moisture levels, soothe stressed skin, rejuvenate tired skin (same thing no?) , improve elasticity, soften and smooth, balanced for all skin that a thing even? OK so I do feel it moisturises thankfully as that is its job it does make my skin feel nice and soft not velvety but just a nice soft feeling.  My skin does seem less redder especially around my nose at the moment so it could of helped with that but I am not 100% convinced.

 As you can see its an almost palest pink lotion and it does absorb nicely into just cleansed skin and sinks in quick so you can get on and apply foundation .  It does act as quite a nice base I think as it does brighten a little , nothing dramatic.  My skin used to be incredibly dry but since I had an operation last year my skin now swings between combination/break -outy and normal . Sighs :(

But this does not break me out anymore than I normally am if that makes sense it also smells really nice almost fruity but nothing overpowering or lingering.

The eye serum and lotion are both available online and in store at Boots priced £9.50 and £9.00 respectively.  My fave Soap & Glory Skin care thus far is 'Peaches & Clean' I am in love with it but again its been reviewed so much there is not much point me doing a review .  All I can suggest is go and buy it now! Have you tried either of these products? let me know what you think and please follow :)


I saw this on YouTube and I had to have it.  I went into Boots the other weekend and it was on offer. So I got it and I have been using it for about 10 days now.

I have the black one but it also comes in 'Pop Turquoise' and 'Tropical Violet' .  At the moment they are priced at £5.99 on the Superdrug website but they will be £8.99 full price after the offer. I am sure the £5.99 offer at Boots is still going as well.

As you can see from the brush its a bristle style and its very tapered.  It also has a groove there if you can see which claims to give the wand 360 degrees flexibility. It also claims to have 'enlarging collagen spheres' to help volumize the lashes and the idea of the mascara is to enlarge upper and lower lashes to give that wide eyed look.  Well they say 'Manga' which is actually is the Japanese word for comic books in Japan I would say it was more 'Miss Anime,' anime meaning 'animation', which is more the wide eyed look I think they are on about.  see here for anime eyes 

 As you can see from above just an idea of the flexibility the groove gives the wand.

 My eye before and after ( no other make up on and YES my brows need threading) as you can see it does give a nice lift and some volume.  This is just two coats.  But as long as you keep going before it dries you can build on this and get a bit more impact!.

I do like this mascara.  I would also like to try the violet colour.  I wouldn't say its a HG mascara though.  Having read some recent reviews on there are some reviews there saying that it is their HG mascara. So I guess the formula is working very well for some people. I guess this is always the case with mascaras for example I HATE Maybeline the falsies mascara.  I hate the wand and I hate the formula.  But on YouTube and blogger sites you would think its the best mascara in the world.  I do believe that mascara preference is really dependant on your lash length, thickness and shape even.   I have been recommend so many in the past and been so disapointed with them as my lashes are not suited to the formula/wand etc.  So I would say in my opnion this is a nice mascara but nothing I would rave about .  L'oreal's Double Extention Waterproof on the other hand is one I would get excited about and I love it!.

One tip with this 'Miss Manga'  is I found it easier to remove if you put warm water on your lashes first give them a wipe then go back in with your usual eye make up remover.  Have you tried this what did you think? comment below and please follow. xx