Wednesday, 19 February 2014


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Now I know there are 100's of reviews and first impression blog posts on these but I thought I would add my say so anyway .  I have wanted these ever since I first heard about them on various US Beauty Vlogs on YouTube .  Of course they have been out there for some time now but finally we have them..yay!... .

OK I went to the biggest Boots I could get to as I knew they were 1. On offer 2. Small Boots probably would not have the full shade range 3. They will sell out fast as they are new .  I was right as there were quite alot of colours missing from the range when I got there because ..of course the three reasons above.

I really wanted to get Shameless in the Matte Balm but that had sold out and I also had my eye on Sultry but again that had sold out. :'(

The offer was 3 for 2 so I decided that I would get two matte's and one lacquer. I got the Lacquer I wanted in 'Demure' and the other really wanted colour in Matte was 'Standout' and that seemed to be available in abundance which surprised me. So I got that, then I was in a rush, and it's school holidays and my kid's were waiting for me so I panicked and grabbed 'Showy' in the Matte as well.

OK so first up

A swatch of all three.  From the top 'Demure', 'Showy' and 'Standout'.

 Now on the lips:-


First of all the packaging,  I love it.  Let's not all pretend that packaging does not make us want something more as it DOES! I love the matte (obviously) feel and finish to the crayon very smart.

Standout is a blue based red so it does make your teeth appear whiter which is a bonus.  If you judged this product on the tube alone I would think it would be a brown based red.  I know Shiv from LetzMakeUp on YouTube said it was true to the colour on the tube but I do think personally that the tube is more a brown based.  But I guess its a matter of opinion.

The finish is ever so slightly demi-matte so there is a very slight sheen which after a few hours wear does completely matte out and yes you get a stain as well of the colour. They don't claim to be long wearing but I think the wear you get out of these is quite good.

The flash on the camera has brought more of a sheen out on the lips but I can assure you it matte's down completely quite fast.  They also have a slight mint scent and although some reviews have said you get a tingle on the lips I cant say personally that I felt it.

Lovely colour though and I think I would get good wear out of this.  I think most of the balm stain crayons have a mint scent to them.  I have some of the MUA ones (which are fantastic by the way) and they are  minty and some of the VIVO ones (again very good) and they are minty.  I have not tried the original Revlon Balm Stains but I see from all the reviews that they are minty too.

 Next is the colour that I panic bought as I did not see any others I wanted that were in stock.


Now this one really is true to the tube colour its a very Barbie pink what my mother would call a tarty colour. Now that's not a downside it's just a very in your face pink .

See really Barbie.  I am not entirely convinced it suits me but then to be fair I have not tried it on with a full face of make up as yet. It also went on a little patchy as some matte colours do.  Which surprised me as the red shade goes on so smoothly.  I also think that this one appears more matte on the lips.

It is a beautiful colour but I am a very, very pale person and so I am not sure this tone of pink will work that well on me.  I tried this colour on my daughter who has is darker skinned than me and has olive undertones in her skin and it suits her much more .  (before anyone starts having a go at me No, I would NOT let my child wear this in public at her young age I am just demonstrating the difference in skin tone) As you can see the impact and the brightness of the pink is lessened on her skin tone.

Now for the Lacquer Balm.  I have not read many positive reviews on these and I must say I think it is a shame.  As some of the paler colours look really pretty, and I am very happy with this one .


First of all I totally LOVE the chrome finish tubes I just love it! I love chrome though on nails, eyes, and well anything really.  So I am drawn to these.

The first time you apply the balm it does have a very slight gritty feel but with further applications I have not felt that again.  It probably is because the colour is shot with teeny, tiny glitter fragments in a peach and silver colour.  So first application must just have a higher concentration of them hence the gritty feel at first.

I really do love this colour as an everyday wear as its a kind of go with everything shade and looks really polished even with just base and mascara for when you are in a rush.  I would definitely get more of these .  This does not last as well as the matte colours but since its lovely to apply I and in a pale shade I don't mind just getting it out of my bag and popping some more on.  It's not a colour that requires precision application.

The darker matte balms though do require more precision and although they are fine at first with their pencil shaped tip if you have used a product like this before you will know they wear down to a stub shape which would make a sharp edge application impossible so you would perhaps have to move on to a lip brush for those after they wear down.

They are priced at the moment in Boots at £7.99 each and they are on a 3 for 2 offer.  That's $13.33 to you guys in the USA.  But I have seen them online at Target USA for $6.79 so I think you guys get them at a much better price than we do! as over here that would be £3.89! wow I wish they were that cheap here!! No wonder the Vloggers, and Bloggers over there manage to buy entire collections in one go!

All in all I would buy more of these I do still want the matte colours that were out of stock and I really want some more of the lacquer balms as I think they have had a bit of a bad wrap from reviews thus far .

Have you tried any of these shades? even the lacquers? what did you think? Please comment and follow. xxxx


Sunday, 16 February 2014

Idealia Life Serum by Vichy ~ VERSES ~ L'Oreal Skin Perfection Serum

Hi all,

About a month ago I received two sample sizes of the Vichy Idealia serum (not a PR sample just from purchasing something else) and I was quite excited as I used to use Vichy products some years ago now and I did remember thinking they were lovely and so I gave it a try.  Previously I had been using the L'Oreal serum and I love it but I like to try new things.

I got a good three weeks use out of the Vichy samples and so I think its a fair review.  Now what strikes me is the products are almost identical! .

Firstly the way they look and feel:-

It is a creamy serum and it has (although I will apologise in advance for my camera not picking up any of this) a very pink luminous sheen to it so that when applied it leaves a slight highlight which I would assume is its main aim as its to blur imperfections and brighten skin. It absorbs fast and feels silky on the skin. Its smell is a floral cross chemical smell and that's not necessary a bad thing as it does smell nice its quite fresh almost a teeny hint of lemon.  Not to sound poncy I hope...:p


Again a creamy serum and it again has a pinky colour to it.  It does not absorb as fast but it still leaves that silky feeling.  I think its slightly runnier than the Vichy one and so you really, really do need less in my opinion which can't be bad right? I would say this one leaves a sheen rather than a highlight but still very similar.  The smell is almost identical to the Vichy one (which was why I first looked into this) apart from it being slightly more perfumy, hard to explain but if you smell them both you will smell the same smell but the L'Oreal one is just well more perfumy !

So ingredients, this probably plays alot into the similarities in smell.  They both contain LR2412 , or by its name on the ingredient list Tetra-hydro-jasmonic acid, which apparently has exfoliating properties.  Which is supposed to help with wrinkles/crows feet etc.  Looking on some science websites they concluded this from tests ''The in vitro and in vivo data demonstrate that based on its multiple interactions within human skin, LR2412 has potential to partially correct the signs of ageing in intrinsically and photoaged skin''. So seems like a pretty good ingredient .  I hope I don't look much older than my years at the moment I do try and keep out of the sun.  But if this can help towards correcting some damage I am all for it.  It does after using both products make you skin feel smooth and does make the texture feel velvety.

They also contain lots more of the same ingredients such as:-  polymethyl methacrylate, which is acrylic glass (yikes!) , and Sodium Hyaluronate to name a few ... Now I am not a chemist but I can read so I guess I am free to look up all the ingredients that are going on my face.  I had to have a chuckle at the acrylic glass though.

So the claims these products make:-

Vichy Says:-


Instantly, complexion looks radiant and fresh, with a more even tone. Pores appear tightened and skin texture feels refined. Facial features look rested and skin looks younger and healthier.

Enriched with a unique combination of LR2412+LHA molecules, the formula helps transform and protect skin exposed to stress, pollution, smoke or an unbalanced diet.''

L'Oreal Says :-
''New Skin Perfection Advanced Serum, a powerful formula enriched with Perline-P and patented LR 2412, helps transform the appearance of skin quality, as if perfected. Designed to penetrate through the skin's epidermis layers.
Pores look virtually undetectable, tone looks more even. 

In your 20's and 30's your skin is still young but not always perfect. Stress, fatigue and an unbalanced lifestyle can affect skin quality causing irregularities to appear: imperfections, enlarged pores and an uneven skin texture."

So similar claims and similar results, I do/did enjoy using both.  The official information on both are  available here Vichy Serum and the L'Oreal one here  L'Oreal Serum You can buy both from various online stores and Boots Vichy Here and L'oreal L'Oreal Here .  

Now the fact that might be the crunch for alot of you is the price .  The L'Oreal serum is priced in the UK at the moment at £16.99 standard price but generally you can get it cheaper for example its £11.33 at the moment in boots .  That's $28.44 and $18.97 respectively.  Whilst the Vichy is £29.50 in the UK as standard price (not on offer at Boots at the moment) but I found it for £18.99 on eBay at the moment so that's $43.39 and $31.79 respectively.

So you can see the L'Oreal one is alot more purse friendly and to be honest the fact that they are so similar and also I personally feel you need to use more of the Vichy one that I would choose to repurchase the L'Oreal one over the Vichy at this time.  That's not to say the Vichy one does not work or is not a good product because it is.  I just feel that owing to the results they both give I would prefer to pay less.  They are both 30ml as well just so you know.

Have you tried either of these? what did you think? please comment and follow x

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


OK so this has had a few uses on my hair now so I feel it's OK to review.

If you see from previous reviews I do like a thickening product. I had reviewed the Pantene range for increasing strands of hair (see blog archive bar on the right) and so I had to try this as well.
I normally use John Freida Luxurious Volume shampoo and conditioner and also the root boosting spray and I am very happy with them but I have given this a go as well as you never know....

OK the Shampoo

Firstly the smell. Does anyone remember Colour Lock by Garnier ? well it smells similer to that but not as fruity, not quite as nice.  The Garnier one had a really nice fruity smell to cover the chemically whiff but this is more chemically whiff and a background of fruity. So if you dont like that sort of thing you may not enjoy using this.  But I washed my hair again with this last night and it does not smell of any products now so at least it does not linger.

The texture is quite thick and you will need to rub this between hands first to get it to distribute thoroughly, it does not foam up in a big way it kind of creams up if that makes sense. But rinses easily enough.  You don't notice too much after using it but then comes the conditioner:-

Now the conditioner or Mask is supposed to be used every time you use the shampoo but the conditioner products should then be alternated with the treatment :-

So you put half the conditioner you would normally use in your hand then half again of the treatment, then mix together and apply. Leaving for a minute or two  then rinse. Immediately upon rinsing you notice a texture change in your hair , it does feel more chunky I guess is the only way I can describe it.  Now the mistake I made the first time I washed with this was not drying my hair quick enough.  I do believe if you are a wash and go kind of person you will hate this as my hair felt horrid after leaving it to dry half way naturally .  When I used it again I dried in quicker time and it was alot better. So be warned.

The texture
The conditioner is thick as you would expect and again you will need to work it in a bit to get even coverage.
The treatment (if you can even see it) is just a very runny gel like liquid. The treatment smells even more chemically than the shampoo and conditioner as well.

The products claim to have an ingredient called Filloxane which is supposed to penetrate and expand hair.  Well I would say it definitely adds texture and does make the hair feel fuller that I cant deny. It says it will add 80% more body and bounce. Well it add's body but my hair does not feel more bouncy so I am unsure on this one. It then claims to add more each time you wash to have a 'cumulative long lasting effect' I would say the 3rd time using it that yes it feels thicker than the first.

My hair texture is dry, and although I have alot of hair its very low in natural volume.  This does volumize for sure but I am not sure I like the texture it leaves my hair in .  I must say it is a little drying. Normally in a thickening duo you get a  volumizing shampoo and a lightweight conditioner in this case its volumizing and thickening BOTH . So if you hair is very wiry and dry I don't think this will suit also if your hair is like my mothers for example which is baby fine and wispy I think you will end up with a head of straw!.

Shot of my hair after 3rd time using and you can see the texture is a little coarse,
In this products defence it does do what it claims to, it does thicken your hair.  But I think for some hair types this will prove too drying.  Now there is also a product in this range called 'The double serum' and that is a leave in conditioner that adds more volume and also smooths. So I wonder if they anticipated that this can be quite drying and added a product to the range to combat that.  I would consider trying it and may do before I used these up to give it a fair crack of the whip.

You can see full details on the products here L'Oreal Paris it is available at Boots and Superdrug and I think Boots still have a three for £10.00 on offer at the moment and the bottles are in the large size.

All in all I think the product is OK but I do still prefer my John Freida Luxurios Volume as I feel you get volume but softness rather than a coarse finish to the hair.

Have you tried this? what did you think ? please comment and follow . xx

Friday, 7 February 2014

New Stuff, Loreal Fibrology

Just got some of the new Loreal Elvive Fibralogy, the shampoo, conditioner and the treatment that you mix into the conditioner.   I tired it last night but it says it has a cumulative effect so I wont review straight away as I want to see this so called cumulative effect in action.  I would say by next week I will see how it did and then  I shall review it on here.

It has lots of YouTube add's already Add for Elvive and looks interesting.  I currently use John Freida Luxurious Volume and I really like it so we will see how this one holds up.

Watch this space.

For now I have a funeral to go to so....I better get my ass in gear and go and get ready.