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Idealia Life Serum by Vichy ~ VERSES ~ L'Oreal Skin Perfection Serum

Hi all,

About a month ago I received two sample sizes of the Vichy Idealia serum (not a PR sample just from purchasing something else) and I was quite excited as I used to use Vichy products some years ago now and I did remember thinking they were lovely and so I gave it a try.  Previously I had been using the L'Oreal serum and I love it but I like to try new things.

I got a good three weeks use out of the Vichy samples and so I think its a fair review.  Now what strikes me is the products are almost identical! .

Firstly the way they look and feel:-

It is a creamy serum and it has (although I will apologise in advance for my camera not picking up any of this) a very pink luminous sheen to it so that when applied it leaves a slight highlight which I would assume is its main aim as its to blur imperfections and brighten skin. It absorbs fast and feels silky on the skin. Its smell is a floral cross chemical smell and that's not necessary a bad thing as it does smell nice its quite fresh almost a teeny hint of lemon.  Not to sound poncy I hope...:p


Again a creamy serum and it again has a pinky colour to it.  It does not absorb as fast but it still leaves that silky feeling.  I think its slightly runnier than the Vichy one and so you really, really do need less in my opinion which can't be bad right? I would say this one leaves a sheen rather than a highlight but still very similar.  The smell is almost identical to the Vichy one (which was why I first looked into this) apart from it being slightly more perfumy, hard to explain but if you smell them both you will smell the same smell but the L'Oreal one is just well more perfumy !

So ingredients, this probably plays alot into the similarities in smell.  They both contain LR2412 , or by its name on the ingredient list Tetra-hydro-jasmonic acid, which apparently has exfoliating properties.  Which is supposed to help with wrinkles/crows feet etc.  Looking on some science websites they concluded this from tests ''The in vitro and in vivo data demonstrate that based on its multiple interactions within human skin, LR2412 has potential to partially correct the signs of ageing in intrinsically and photoaged skin''. So seems like a pretty good ingredient .  I hope I don't look much older than my years at the moment I do try and keep out of the sun.  But if this can help towards correcting some damage I am all for it.  It does after using both products make you skin feel smooth and does make the texture feel velvety.

They also contain lots more of the same ingredients such as:-  polymethyl methacrylate, which is acrylic glass (yikes!) , and Sodium Hyaluronate to name a few ... Now I am not a chemist but I can read so I guess I am free to look up all the ingredients that are going on my face.  I had to have a chuckle at the acrylic glass though.

So the claims these products make:-

Vichy Says:-


Instantly, complexion looks radiant and fresh, with a more even tone. Pores appear tightened and skin texture feels refined. Facial features look rested and skin looks younger and healthier.

Enriched with a unique combination of LR2412+LHA molecules, the formula helps transform and protect skin exposed to stress, pollution, smoke or an unbalanced diet.''

L'Oreal Says :-
''New Skin Perfection Advanced Serum, a powerful formula enriched with Perline-P and patented LR 2412, helps transform the appearance of skin quality, as if perfected. Designed to penetrate through the skin's epidermis layers.
Pores look virtually undetectable, tone looks more even. 

In your 20's and 30's your skin is still young but not always perfect. Stress, fatigue and an unbalanced lifestyle can affect skin quality causing irregularities to appear: imperfections, enlarged pores and an uneven skin texture."

So similar claims and similar results, I do/did enjoy using both.  The official information on both are  available here Vichy Serum and the L'Oreal one here  L'Oreal Serum You can buy both from various online stores and Boots Vichy Here and L'oreal L'Oreal Here .  

Now the fact that might be the crunch for alot of you is the price .  The L'Oreal serum is priced in the UK at the moment at £16.99 standard price but generally you can get it cheaper for example its £11.33 at the moment in boots .  That's $28.44 and $18.97 respectively.  Whilst the Vichy is £29.50 in the UK as standard price (not on offer at Boots at the moment) but I found it for £18.99 on eBay at the moment so that's $43.39 and $31.79 respectively.

So you can see the L'Oreal one is alot more purse friendly and to be honest the fact that they are so similar and also I personally feel you need to use more of the Vichy one that I would choose to repurchase the L'Oreal one over the Vichy at this time.  That's not to say the Vichy one does not work or is not a good product because it is.  I just feel that owing to the results they both give I would prefer to pay less.  They are both 30ml as well just so you know.

Have you tried either of these? what did you think? please comment and follow x

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