Tuesday, 11 February 2014


OK so this has had a few uses on my hair now so I feel it's OK to review.

If you see from previous reviews I do like a thickening product. I had reviewed the Pantene range for increasing strands of hair (see blog archive bar on the right) and so I had to try this as well.
I normally use John Freida Luxurious Volume shampoo and conditioner and also the root boosting spray and I am very happy with them but I have given this a go as well as you never know....

OK the Shampoo

Firstly the smell. Does anyone remember Colour Lock by Garnier ? well it smells similer to that but not as fruity, not quite as nice.  The Garnier one had a really nice fruity smell to cover the chemically whiff but this is more chemically whiff and a background of fruity. So if you dont like that sort of thing you may not enjoy using this.  But I washed my hair again with this last night and it does not smell of any products now so at least it does not linger.

The texture is quite thick and you will need to rub this between hands first to get it to distribute thoroughly, it does not foam up in a big way it kind of creams up if that makes sense. But rinses easily enough.  You don't notice too much after using it but then comes the conditioner:-

Now the conditioner or Mask is supposed to be used every time you use the shampoo but the conditioner products should then be alternated with the treatment :-

So you put half the conditioner you would normally use in your hand then half again of the treatment, then mix together and apply. Leaving for a minute or two  then rinse. Immediately upon rinsing you notice a texture change in your hair , it does feel more chunky I guess is the only way I can describe it.  Now the mistake I made the first time I washed with this was not drying my hair quick enough.  I do believe if you are a wash and go kind of person you will hate this as my hair felt horrid after leaving it to dry half way naturally .  When I used it again I dried in quicker time and it was alot better. So be warned.

The texture
The conditioner is thick as you would expect and again you will need to work it in a bit to get even coverage.
The treatment (if you can even see it) is just a very runny gel like liquid. The treatment smells even more chemically than the shampoo and conditioner as well.

The products claim to have an ingredient called Filloxane which is supposed to penetrate and expand hair.  Well I would say it definitely adds texture and does make the hair feel fuller that I cant deny. It says it will add 80% more body and bounce. Well it add's body but my hair does not feel more bouncy so I am unsure on this one. It then claims to add more each time you wash to have a 'cumulative long lasting effect' I would say the 3rd time using it that yes it feels thicker than the first.

My hair texture is dry, and although I have alot of hair its very low in natural volume.  This does volumize for sure but I am not sure I like the texture it leaves my hair in .  I must say it is a little drying. Normally in a thickening duo you get a  volumizing shampoo and a lightweight conditioner in this case its volumizing and thickening BOTH . So if you hair is very wiry and dry I don't think this will suit also if your hair is like my mothers for example which is baby fine and wispy I think you will end up with a head of straw!.

Shot of my hair after 3rd time using and you can see the texture is a little coarse,
In this products defence it does do what it claims to, it does thicken your hair.  But I think for some hair types this will prove too drying.  Now there is also a product in this range called 'The double serum' and that is a leave in conditioner that adds more volume and also smooths. So I wonder if they anticipated that this can be quite drying and added a product to the range to combat that.  I would consider trying it and may do before I used these up to give it a fair crack of the whip.

You can see full details on the products here L'Oreal Paris it is available at Boots and Superdrug and I think Boots still have a three for £10.00 on offer at the moment and the bottles are in the large size.

All in all I think the product is OK but I do still prefer my John Freida Luxurios Volume as I feel you get volume but softness rather than a coarse finish to the hair.

Have you tried this? what did you think ? please comment and follow . xx


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