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Now I know there are 100's of reviews and first impression blog posts on these but I thought I would add my say so anyway .  I have wanted these ever since I first heard about them on various US Beauty Vlogs on YouTube .  Of course they have been out there for some time now but finally we have them..yay!... .

OK I went to the biggest Boots I could get to as I knew they were 1. On offer 2. Small Boots probably would not have the full shade range 3. They will sell out fast as they are new .  I was right as there were quite alot of colours missing from the range when I got there because ..of course the three reasons above.

I really wanted to get Shameless in the Matte Balm but that had sold out and I also had my eye on Sultry but again that had sold out. :'(

The offer was 3 for 2 so I decided that I would get two matte's and one lacquer. I got the Lacquer I wanted in 'Demure' and the other really wanted colour in Matte was 'Standout' and that seemed to be available in abundance which surprised me. So I got that, then I was in a rush, and it's school holidays and my kid's were waiting for me so I panicked and grabbed 'Showy' in the Matte as well.

OK so first up

A swatch of all three.  From the top 'Demure', 'Showy' and 'Standout'.

 Now on the lips:-


First of all the packaging,  I love it.  Let's not all pretend that packaging does not make us want something more as it DOES! I love the matte (obviously) feel and finish to the crayon very smart.

Standout is a blue based red so it does make your teeth appear whiter which is a bonus.  If you judged this product on the tube alone I would think it would be a brown based red.  I know Shiv from LetzMakeUp on YouTube said it was true to the colour on the tube but I do think personally that the tube is more a brown based.  But I guess its a matter of opinion.

The finish is ever so slightly demi-matte so there is a very slight sheen which after a few hours wear does completely matte out and yes you get a stain as well of the colour. They don't claim to be long wearing but I think the wear you get out of these is quite good.

The flash on the camera has brought more of a sheen out on the lips but I can assure you it matte's down completely quite fast.  They also have a slight mint scent and although some reviews have said you get a tingle on the lips I cant say personally that I felt it.

Lovely colour though and I think I would get good wear out of this.  I think most of the balm stain crayons have a mint scent to them.  I have some of the MUA ones (which are fantastic by the way) and they are  minty and some of the VIVO ones (again very good) and they are minty.  I have not tried the original Revlon Balm Stains but I see from all the reviews that they are minty too.

 Next is the colour that I panic bought as I did not see any others I wanted that were in stock.


Now this one really is true to the tube colour its a very Barbie pink what my mother would call a tarty colour. Now that's not a downside it's just a very in your face pink .

See really Barbie.  I am not entirely convinced it suits me but then to be fair I have not tried it on with a full face of make up as yet. It also went on a little patchy as some matte colours do.  Which surprised me as the red shade goes on so smoothly.  I also think that this one appears more matte on the lips.

It is a beautiful colour but I am a very, very pale person and so I am not sure this tone of pink will work that well on me.  I tried this colour on my daughter who has is darker skinned than me and has olive undertones in her skin and it suits her much more .  (before anyone starts having a go at me No, I would NOT let my child wear this in public at her young age I am just demonstrating the difference in skin tone) As you can see the impact and the brightness of the pink is lessened on her skin tone.

Now for the Lacquer Balm.  I have not read many positive reviews on these and I must say I think it is a shame.  As some of the paler colours look really pretty, and I am very happy with this one .


First of all I totally LOVE the chrome finish tubes I just love it! I love chrome though on nails, eyes, and well anything really.  So I am drawn to these.

The first time you apply the balm it does have a very slight gritty feel but with further applications I have not felt that again.  It probably is because the colour is shot with teeny, tiny glitter fragments in a peach and silver colour.  So first application must just have a higher concentration of them hence the gritty feel at first.

I really do love this colour as an everyday wear as its a kind of go with everything shade and looks really polished even with just base and mascara for when you are in a rush.  I would definitely get more of these .  This does not last as well as the matte colours but since its lovely to apply I and in a pale shade I don't mind just getting it out of my bag and popping some more on.  It's not a colour that requires precision application.

The darker matte balms though do require more precision and although they are fine at first with their pencil shaped tip if you have used a product like this before you will know they wear down to a stub shape which would make a sharp edge application impossible so you would perhaps have to move on to a lip brush for those after they wear down.

They are priced at the moment in Boots at £7.99 each and they are on a 3 for 2 offer.  That's $13.33 to you guys in the USA.  But I have seen them online at Target USA for $6.79 so I think you guys get them at a much better price than we do! as over here that would be £3.89! wow I wish they were that cheap here!! No wonder the Vloggers, and Bloggers over there manage to buy entire collections in one go!

All in all I would buy more of these I do still want the matte colours that were out of stock and I really want some more of the lacquer balms as I think they have had a bit of a bad wrap from reviews thus far .

Have you tried any of these shades? even the lacquers? what did you think? Please comment and follow. xxxx


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