Monday, 14 April 2014


Hi all, 

I am a little disappointed.  I really, really wanted to love this palette.

I mean what's not to love a full palette of mattes from a brand known for great pigmentation. I was excited to try this.  I had wanted to try Sleek palettes for ages. I had decided on the Bad Girl palette but then I saw this and decided to go for this one first instead.

Now don't get me wrong I think the brand is great and I do think the pigmentation is good and yes I expect fall out as you do with mineral eyeshadows and Sleek in general. 

I have tried to use this on several occasions and the problem I have with it is, it just wont blend!. I mean you can smear them and move them around but you just cant get the shadows to blend properly. I am not a novice with dark and or matte shadows or eyeshadows in general.  When I was a teen for example I did channel the Goth look and matte black and matte dark purple eyeshadow were some of my staples.  I knew how to blend them.  You can see from the picture that even with no flash the colours look strong and bright so I was keen to try.

Lets show you the colour swatches.

From the bottom up the first row of colours are called. 1. Orbit, 2. Ink, 3. Highness, 4. Noir
5.Dune, 6. Pillow Talk (please excuse my bad psoriasis skin in these pictures having a bad month of it atm) Now I swatched these over a primer an elf basic one.
As you can see they do have a decent colour but the top row in this palette I feel is a little patchy and the off white colour called 'pillow talk' is so chalky you may as well use chalk.

The second row.

The second row colours from the bottom up are 1. Thunder, 2. Maple, 3. Flesh, 4. Paper bag, 5. Villan, 6. Fern.  Now you can see from this that the 2nd row are better in pay off and formula.  It's also smoother in application.  'Paper Bag', 'Villan' and 'Fern' being the best.

That is all very well and good but my main problem with the palette is its stiffness.  They are such annoying shadows to blend.

Here is a picture of those three smoothest colours blended.

Now I sat there with a blending brush and blended this alot and also applied quite a bit of pressure but you can still see harsh lines in the formula.  When this is on the lids on a smaller area it is just as bad as you get that horrible effect where your crease fades out from all the attempts at blending but the colour above and below is still strong and has harsh lines.  It's not a pretty look and can end up making your eyes look muddy.

I do think this palette has its place as I said I am not a novice with eyeshadows so I think I will find some uses for it .  Perhaps if I need to pack an intense colour on the main part of the lid which will not require as much blending.  The Dune colour also works OK as an eyebrow highlight to a smoky eye.

I am just a bit dissapointed overall as I have almost only heard good things about the Sleek Palettes and I had waited ages to get one of these.  Perhaps the Matte V1 is better?

I will still buy the Bad Girl palette as I am hopeful that the formula in them is a little better than this one.  Have any of you tried this? what did you think? which ones would you recommend? The palettes are available at the Sleek website and some Superdrugs.

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  1. What a shame that it didn't work for you since the colors look lovely :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. I know right!. I was so looking forward to this palette. x