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Hi all,

Yes I know on twitter I promised Monday for my new post but its school holidays and I have children and well you know..

OK I did get quite a few things on my break away last week and I will show them all but I thought I would probably overwhelm myself if I did a post with everything in it at once not to mention it would probabaly take me all day what with the kids being home and all so I thought I would do a few at a time.

These are some of my favourites.

First up a totally random find and I am so glad I did find it and that is the Bourjois Deodorant Extreme Protection 72 Hours. 

Now I found this in a 'Family Store' shop which is like a discount store that does really random things from cans of food to house plants and yes some hair and skin products too.  I do vaguely remember seeing Bourjois deodorants in France in a Carrefour Supermarket of which there are loads in France.  I also am pretty sure in France and probably other European countries Bourjois does extend it's product line into some skin care and other toiletries rather than just make up.  We have a few examples in the UK too I had just never seen this.

I paid £2.50 for this and I just hope when I go back the shop will have more as I will stock up as these discount shops usually only get one stock of something like this and once it's gone it's gone.
The product itself is hands down the best spray deodorant I have ever used! and I have tried loads.  Including the usual suspects and also all the extra strong ones like Mitchum and the other 72 hour super strength ones available now days.  It is alcohol and paraben free and has a really fine and even spray. Almost as fine as the mist you get when you spray an Elnett hairspray. It also claims to be a waterproof formula. I have not been swimming with it but I would assume the waterproof part refers to its ability to keep you dry.

The scent is a slight powdery floral not my favourite of smells but I don't care as the product is so blooming amazing! Normally with deodorants you end up getting a little damp after a few hours with normal ones or the next day with stronger ones.  But this ...dampness nope! NONE AT ALL
I have no idea what the formula is to be able to pull this off but it just works.  I honestly don't get damp at all with this (sorry to be gross) but if you can get your hands on this try it , just get it.

There was also a 48hour one on the shelf and a sensitive formula as well and if they are there when I go I will get them as well to try.  I have had a look on google and some pharmacies online say they sell it but its out of stock at the moment and it was available on amazon UK as well but again out of stock at the moment.  Ebay seem to have a few so do check it out.  However ebay sellers want between £4.00 and £6.50 for a can..naughty!  if you know of a Family Stores near you go see if they have some in store.   I do hope its still there when I go back.

Next up Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.

I did not think I would find one to change my mind about Superdrug's B range micellar water but this one has for a few reasons.  Firstly the cost and size it's £3.33 at the moment at Boots (normal price £4.99) and its a really generous 400ml size.  I have seen on blogs its shape and size is more akin to the Bioderma one and looking at the pictures I can see what they mean.  It says on the bottle you can get 200 uses based on 2ml per cotton pad so we will see about that one but so far its lasting really well.  The Superdrug B water which I do love its only 150 ml and its normal price is £4.99 (although to be fair its on offer at the moment) but still 150ml or 400ml? I do love the Loreal one as well and because it was on offer all the time I was on my 6th bottle of it when I found out about this one.  I am happy I did as out of all of them it does seem the most gentle.  It does not make your face feel sticky and again did I mention its huge!.  It does seem very effective with my waterproof mascara as well.  Not as good as the dual phase Garnier make up remover but still very good for the price and type of cleanser.  I also burnt my face (I know I am an idiot) on our holiday and this is not making it feel more sore or look worse so thumbs up.  Do check it out.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balm

I love this and I wish while I was away I had got more.  It is also on 3 for 2 at Boots at the moment priced £5.99 .  Now I only picked it up initially as I wanted another one of their fantastic Salon Pro Polishes ( fyi the colour I am wearing in the photos is Jazz Funk from the Kate range but it does not seem to be on the Boots site atm) so I picked this up as my 3rd item and its fantastic.  For once a balm stain that actually truly stains.  Now upon application it does take a little working in i.e you need to warm the product up a little.  Once you do it goes on smooth and stays.  It does not bleed it does not slip either.  Once you eat a meal or something it remains on the lip as a lovely stain and pretty true to the colour as well. 

The colour I have is called '220 Rumour Has It' and it is a lovely reddish pink so pretty.
I feels comfortable on the lips, is non drying and has a lovely sheen to it. It has a kind of Vanilla cream smell to it which is quite nice and very different from the Revlon ones.

I would love to get more of these especially 'Keep Mauving' and 'Not An Illusion'.  The only colours the range does not yet have is a really orange toned one.  But hopefully they will bring one out soon. Do check these out if you have not done so already.

Lastly:-  La Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Crème

Now I am not going to put this on my face and take a photo for purposes of demonstration as my face is still a bit burnt and I actually cant put anything on it bar a little moisturiser at the moment but before my face was burnt this was working fine and I shall demonstrate with the back of my hand.  Sorry.  Just incase you were wondering no I was not wearing this when I got burned as of course it has an SPF of 30 and well I could of done with that at the time.

Now I first heard about this I think on a Lisa Eldridge YouTube video when she was talking about CC creams and she had a blog post on several of them as well.  I did want the Bourjois CC creme that everyone is raving about at the moment including Lisa Eldridge . Anyway I saw it on offer online but was pretty miffed when my bank account screamed at me to not spend anymore and so I held off.  Then when I was away I went to buy the Bourjois one but alas it was sold out so I remembered this and yay it was on offer! I got it for £10.33 instead of the normal £15.99 and this was at Boots.  (I did need to stock up on my Effaclar Duo too. But out of all the products it was not on offer ...weird) .

Now you can see when you first pump some out it does look a little orange toned.  I am very pale and was worried at first. But when you blend it out it becomes a more peachy tone and it does adapt quite well.  It gives a slight dewy finish and lasts well.  I did powder my t zone but that was because it was quite a warm day.  Honestly my skin at the moment hasn't got a clue what it wants to do it' has been oily and then combination and since I came back last Friday it has been dry as the Sahara desert ...I don't know. :(  I have all the wrong moisturisers for dry skin at home now very annoying.

Anyway It has an SPF of 30 which is good for summer and although SPF in products can trigger my Perioral Dermatitis it's worth it to not be burnt again .  It also claims to unify and correct all types of redness.  It does this OK.  I do have some flat psoriasis on my cheek and it did show through a little after it settled on my face.  But that's nothing a little concealer cant handle.  The smell I am OK with it its a slight sea mineral scent with a chemical-ish twinge.  Think the Sea Mineral Shower on Body Moisturiser by Nivea and you have pretty much got it.

Here is a shot of my hand after rubbing it in and you can see it does unify and give a nice even look to the skin.  It does not look orange once melted in either.  I will still buy the Bourjois one to compare these two but for £10.99 on offer at the moment and the Bourjois one is £9.99 anyway I would give this a go if you suffer from redness.  La Roche-Posay are a quality brand and I do hope to try more of their products soon.  I also like their Micellar water and of course the Effaclar Duo and really want to try the Effaclar Duo+ that has come out now. As I do end up with marks that seem to last forever after a spot has gone.

Well that's it for my first set of goodies and I have some more to post on diet and food soon so watch this space and thanks for being patient as I have alot to do in life other than this blog.

What do you think of the above products subscribe and let me know :)


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