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Hi all, another review finally after ages off again. Honestly today is the first time this week I have had even a little time to do something other than child or house related. I really just dont get much time to update this blog as much as I would like.

Anyway two additions to the 'Maybelline Volum'Express' range one new one and one old one that does not seem to get much of a mention. Now normally I am NOT a fan of Maybelline mascaras. I did not like 'Great Lash' and I loathe the 'Falsies' range as just grrr I hate it! (SORRY about that the whole of the internet I just didn't like it) . But mascara is quite an individual thing. What does not work for me clearly does for almost everyone else (the Falsies) and what I like may not work for you. I have run out and tried a mascara that makes my friends lashes look great but makes mine look rubbish and spidery. I do believe lash length and thickness naturally do make a huge, huge difference in how a mascara works for you.

So here are the two I am looking at today after testing them both out for two weeks. They are nice and colourful so you can find them easy in your make up bag I guess. Maybelline mascaras do seem to have very colourful packaging. I would of bought both in waterproof formulas as I prefer it because it holds your curl more and of course its waterproof so if you have very leaky eyes like me this is essential. However One By One did not seem to come in waterproof but I did really want to try it so I got it anyway. First up The Colossal GO EXTREME Volum'Express Waterproof:-
This is an update on the normal 'The Colossal' mascara they do. This one has a knobbly wand and from the ad's I believe this is to help bring the mascara down onto the brush when you pull it out of the tube. The brush is a bristle one and yes it is large but it is easy to use and apply the mascara with. It claims to give 9x more volume and it does give volume and alot of it.   I cant tell to be honest if it's 9x more.

Before mascara:- (I have no other make up on today as my skin has just broken out pre the monthly visit so apologies)
It says that it removes with normal water and soap. I don't tend to use soap on my eyes (ouch) but normal oil based eye make up remover does the job fine.

After application:-
This is two coats ( it recommends that you do NOT let the mascara dry between coats ) all photos will be two coats as I just don't see why you would buy a volumising mascara or in fact any mascara and then just apply one coat. I would normally do three coats but two I think is fair for the purpose of demonstration.

The formula is quite thick as you would expect especially from a waterproof mascara. But is is a little messy. This is one of those mascaras where your tube gets all messy especially around the neck so be warned.  It can also get a little clumpy if you dont work really fast in application.  I normally do one coat each eye the go back for the 2nd but with this you need to do one eye at a time or when you go back in to do the 2nd coat it will clump.

I do like this mascara but its not going to be an HG mascara but I think if I could not get my favourites and I needed a new one I would re purchase this .

 The ONE BY ONE Volum'Express Mascara
This is a plastic wand which is larger/fatter in the middle. It is a decent brush and does separate the lashes well but it is a bit spiky and the formula is thin so this results in you poking your tightline which is annoying.

 Before Mascara :-
This mascara claims to 'lift lashes to new heights' and although it does separate and volumise well it does not unfortunately hold a curl well . At least not on me. I think it is because the formula is quite thin. I think if this was in a waterproof formula it would hold up the lashes better in my opinion.

After application:-
As you can see it gives a nice finish. But after an hour or so my lashes droop. I am not sure I would re purchase this one.  Neither of these mascaras flake badly which is good and they are well priced at £7.19 for the Colossal and £8.49 for the One By One. 

The wands together to give you an idea of sizes :-  One by One left Colossal Right.
As you can see though from both after pictures my lashes curl up a bit with the Colossal whilst with the One By One they just point straight up so not much curl there.   I also tried both these mascara's after curling my lashes and the same result happened.  The Colossal held the curl the One By One did not.

I am not comparing these mascaras in a v's manner as they do claim to do different things I just happen to be reviewing them at the same time.   But I do feel curl and curl hold is important in a mascara so that I will compare .  Especially as the One By One claims to give you curl and the Colossal does not.  Again I do think this has quite alot to do with waterproof formulas.  As they do seem to hold curl better.

I will still be going back to my favourite mascara of the moment though which is my L'Oreal Double Extension.  Which claims to be just a lengthening mascara but it gives lots of volume too.  I prefer the waterproof version of this one too but I literally just threw the empty tube out yesterday so here is a picture of the Serum, version of the same mascara.

I love the wands on this mascara they can get right in to the corners well as its tapered and the formula is thick straight away not after several uses so it holds the lashes really well and I feel the wand grips the lashes well too.

With two coats:-

(the smudge under my eye is the previous mascara removed sorry )

I just love this one.  It does cost more at £11.29 and if you do check it out I would recommend the waterproof one more.  But this serum one is good too. 

What do you think? have you tried any of these mascaras? Follow and comment below :) xx Instagram

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